What is a cantilevered floor, and why should I care?

Lincolnland Builders will avoid cantilevered floors wherever possible, for a couple very important reasons.  Please note this article refers to cantilevers on fist floors only.

You might ask, what IS a cantilevered floor?  A cantilevered floor means the floor joists extend out beyond the wall or foundation and essentially hang out in mid air.  One example is under a fireplace chase and another is under a walk-out bay.  The following illustrates both.    cantilever without foundation Note there is no foundation under either the fireplace chase or the walk-out bay.  I can think of no other reason for doing this other than a cost saving measure.  This opens up the possibility of cold drafts and sagging.  Yes, there is a lot of weight resting on those cantilevers,  and we all know that in time….everything sags, gravity will have it’s way!

The proper way to support those windows, walls, patio door, and fireplace is to put a foundation under them.     cantilever with foundation.      Do yourself a huge favor and check your plans carefully for this.  If you use a  designer before you see your builder, make sure he/she shows foundation under cantilevers on the foundation plan sheet.

Take care, and hope to see you here again!  JIM / Lincolnland Builders, Inc.